“Maryanne has a great work ethic and was instrumental in successfully executing a variety of marketing strategies during our time working together at CCG Catalyst. Maryanne is an excellent communicator and has a solid understanding of what it takes to organize, prioritize and deliver on marketing initiatives. I would recommend her for any marketing or communications role and see her as a valuable asset within any organization.” – Ryan Charleston, SVP Marketing at CCG Catalyst Consulting Group

“Maryanne is extremely strategic and vets every marketing opportunity carefully to ensure everything contributes to the big picture goals and objectives. She is also very detail-oriented and organized, so projects are always moving forward and deadlines are always met. I have been consistently impressed with Maryanne’s attitude, productivity and good sense of humor. It is a pleasure to work with such a very bright, motivated and quick witted professional as Maryanne.” – Sarah Wroble, Account Supervisor at William Mills Agency

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Maryanne Shew at Mission Essential in 2013. Yes, she is smart. Yes, she is talented. Yes, she has a tremendous work ethic. But there are a few things about Maryanne that impressed me. REALLY impressed me:
1) Maryanne always tells the truth. She never lies. Ever. So, if you want someone to tell you everything is great (when it really isn’t), she is not for you.
2) Maryanne is not a glory-seeker. She would rather give someone else credit for her brilliant idea than take it for herself. I saw her steer successful projects over and over again, and give all of the glory to her team, when she was the one actually doing all of the heavy lifting.
3) Maryanne understands branding. She is especially good at relating how a client or customer experience is a reflection of the overall brand. She would analyze and test our interactive experience and provide brilliant feedback based on the end-user’s perspective. Maryanne would often pinpoint key problems that everybody else missed.
4) Maryanne knows social media. Trust me. She just does.
While all of those things are fantastic, her absolute best quality is her dedication. Maryanne puts the needs of the company before her own. No matter what the assignment is, or what the deadline is, Maryanne will always see it through. When things got crazy, she never EVER dropped the ball. She can be counted on to handle the most challenging and critical assignments with ease.
If you have a chance to work with/hire her, do it. You can thank me later.” – Dave Fowler, Art Director, Mission Essential

“Maryanne’s joining the communications team on Mission Essential was the turning point. She brings a much-valued understanding of the industry, demonstrates strong work ethic, and produces amazing results.
Maryanne embodies the words of Detroit Red Wings legend Gordie Howe, who said, “You’ve got to love what you’re doing. If you love it, you can overcome any handicap or the soreness or all the aches and pains, and continue to play for a long, long time.” – Jared Whitley, Senior Communications Adviser, Mission Essential

“Maryanne is a committed leader with uncompromising work ethic. She leads through strategic planning and effective communication. I have worked with Maryanne on many different projects from planning company events to leadership development. She has proven time after time that she can develop a project plan, implement the process and deliver unparalleled results. She will execute any business plan you put in front of her. She is collaborative, motivating and a great business partner.” – Melisa Higgins, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Mission Essential

“Maryanne is a quick study. Within a few weeks she transitioned from marketing-related activities for office furniture to the defense industry. Her ability to digest comlex information from a number of sources was impressive. Her creativity, customer-focus and abilty to remain consistent under pressure was appreciated by all. She is an expert in new media and helped to push us out of our comfort zone many times. I appreciate Maryanne’s work ethic and professionalism.” – Amanda Covington, VP of Corporate Communications, ATK

“Within just a couple of months, Maryanne established a great process for managing our trade show and event activities for an organization that spanned business locations from Utah to Virginia. Her ability to help plan, organize and execute has made my job easier and, most importantly, helped our company do a much better job marketing our products.” – Jarrod Krull, Communications Manager, ATK

“Maryanne is a creative, detail-oriented professional who makes sure expectations are exceeded. She has the social media skills necessary for today’s market. She’s steadfast about deadlines and budgetary limitations. I enjoyed working with Maryanne and spending time with her. I wish her well in all her future endeavors.” – Patricia Martin, Marketing, Argus Consulting

“Maryanne was a very organized and process oriented colleague of mine at Intereum. I could always count on Maryanne to look at a problem and provide a detailed, creative solution to the issue. Maryanne was proactive in her actions, and she provided insightful and practical ideas to make our business run more efficiently or better serve our customer. Maryanne also demonstrated great initiative as she took control of our fledgling social media marketing, and developed our social media efforts into a cooridnated, consistent, and effective branding tool for our company. Maryanne’s work was recognized by our major furniture vendor Herman Miller as best practice for the Herman Miller dealer network in North America. I would highly recommend Maryanne to any company or organization who value hard work, excellent organization, problem solving, team work, and initiative.” – Matt Sveen, Owner and President, Intereum

“I was privileged to know Maryanne when she worked at Intereum in Minneapolis.
She always had a “can do attitude” and consistently displayed a strong work ethic and outstand organizational and follow up skills. The positive changes she made on any assignment she was given were immediate and long lasting. She would be a tremendous asset to any organization.” – Mitch Larson, SMB Business Development Manager, Herman Miller

“Maryanne would be a great asset to any company, and has many transferable skills. She is a proven problem solver and critical thinker. She is a quick study and can master new software and processes much faster than most. She has fantastic customer service skills and her dedication to the customer, both internal and external, and her grasp of what it takes to get the job done right the 1st time, would benefit many organizations.” – Geoff Berg, Client Services Manager, Intereum

“Maryanne consistently delivers world-class customer service. She is extremely thorough and detailed in her approach to her duties and responsibilities. She is able to balance multiple priorities in times of ambiguity.” – Rick Martin, Manager of Business Optimization China, Starbucks Coffee Company